Demand doubled in the last year. And the truly talented aren’t on LinkedIn.

Demand for talent in blockchain development is soaring. Ads aimed at blockchain talent doubled on LinkedIn, according to Financial Times. And the forecast? Annual increases of 40% per year in the competition for hardcore blockchain developers.
Meanwhile, blockchain UX/UI, sales executives, and project managers are courted regularly by startups and bitcoin firms—narrowing selection for the finance and retail sectors. Blockchain does, in fact, undergird the boom in cryptocurrency. Often, jobs in that sector appear more exciting and financially rewarding for the best talent in blockchain.
Reacting to demand, candidates have begun to hide their blockchain skills and experience on LinkedIn, reports Why? Incessant solicitations from recruiters lacking industry insight and using canned pitches.
How will you recruit blockchain developers, managers, and executives? Where are they—and what approaches work best when presenting your next great opportunity for their career?
Crowd Sharing for Blockchain Recruiting The culture of blockchain and high demand call for expertise—and a different approach. Leveraging a network of recruiters, Tech Talent Infusion takes a crowd sharing approach to talent acquisition. Combined with our knowledge of the space and technology, we reach more candidates, finding the most qualified people faster.
Time is not the hiring executive’s friend. Nor are conventional assumptions that blockchain experts reside in the usual places, like Silicon Valley. We find that the heat map to locate the specific talent you need can be remarkably dispersed. Ads, open houses, and big conferences prove to be less and less effective.
The good news is that Tech Talent Infusion speaks the language of this space. We have honed the skills to open a dialogue with blockchain professionals. From programmers and UX/UI to sales, marketing, and C-suite, Tech Talent Infusion is filling mission-critical positions at start-ups and global enterprises.
Contact us. Learn how Tech Talent Infusion, our proven process, and our shared sense of excitement and urgency can match high-grade talent to take advantage of the opportunities you have to offer. We know blockchain, and we represent your opportunities in the most compelling manner that they deserve.